Thursday, December 27, 2012

Good intentions...

Christmas is over and I'm putting away decorations, partially used wrapping paper, gift bags that we recycle year after year, etc. I decided to sort through a corner in the storage room where we store our Christmas stuff.  (It's a quiet afternoon, and I'm trying to "simplify" our lives but who am I kidding - these shelves will quickly be filled with other "goodies" at a great price that I couldn't resist!) But alas, for now, these unwanted, unused "treasures" are going to the Goodwill.

In my simplifying, I found a tote bag filled with cross stitch/needlepoint projects. (That may be the first clue as to how long I've been meaning to start/complete them.) Some were unopened, some had one small part done, some were almost completed, and ONE was finished, but was sadly out of style with our "modern" decor.

I took a picture for you to see my good intentions.

I moved a bag filled with these projects when we left Delaware 12 years ago and hadn't even opened it.

All my good intentions piled in one bag!

Why is it to so hard to part with things?

Not just stuff, but why is it so hard to part with bad habits, wrong ways of thinking, unhealthy choices...?
Or it could be that I hang on to things thinking that someday I will work on them, but that day never comes.

Whatever.. I've gathered these up and they're GONE! (unless I run across them at the Goodwill and have a change of heart HA)

Hope you have a good new year!

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