Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ms. Good Intentions

Do you ever hear a sermon and think, "I should do that" but walk out and never do anything? (Okay, have I forgotten that I am writing to church planter wives who are rarely in a church service! Sorry.)

Or maybe you've read the Bible or heard truth or had an impression that compels you to DO something? (Whenever we hear truth, there is always a choice - do we act on it or do we ignore/do nothing about it.)

Yesterday we heard a sermon about the fruit of the Spirit - love. I felt like I should love someone when I left. (Our pastor emphasized that we love others because God FIRST loved us - what a great motivation for love.)

But you know how life goes...you get busy with your own stuff and the next Sunday rolls around before you think about last week's sermon/challenge. I'm the master of good intentions - it's not that I don't intend to follow through, I intend to, but I don't always get around to it. In fact, on top of my desk are several books/items/cards/things that need to be mailed or taken care of. (See picture above)

For instance, I read a book and had the idea/impression to send it to a friend that I thought could be helped by it. Days went on and it keep staring me in the face, but I knew it meant leafing through the book and finding the quote that I didn't mark and then writing a letter (the ultimate follow through for me) and then taking it to the post office. Are you tired just reading this?

Well, this morning, I told myself, "Self, today, you must show love and mail that book!" And you know what, I leafed through the book, found the quote, wrote the letter, put it in a big envelope (luckily there was one still on my desk that I re-used) and mailed it! Now, I'm praying that it will show this person my love and also speak to them deeply of God's love.

And you know what I thought as I did it (a saying I used to say to my kids came to mind), "Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?!"

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  1. Should I be expecting a book in the mail from you? haha