Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Phone a Friend

Who do you call (outside your family) when you have a big need or question about life/ministry?

Do you have other women you can call that have (probably) been where you are and can offer words of encouragement?

Do you women who can speak truth to you so you can continue to change and grow?

I remember feeling isolated and worn out in ministry. That doesn't mean you don't love God or love people. We all feel discouraged and need others to just listen and reassure us that yes, this will pass...God will work...you are not crazy...you will make it. And we need others to help us see where we can grow. Being in relationship with others and learning from them can help us see new ways to think and minister.

Recently my daughter asked to interview me as a part of her training with Campus Crusade. She asked me five questions about ministry and we had a meaningful spiritual conversation.

1. Describe for me one of your best years of ministry? What factors contributed to that being one of the best?
2. What unwelcomed assignments or experiences actually helped you grow and develop in ways for which you are now grateful?
3. Describe for me your relationship with a mentor of yours?
4. What have you done to remain clear about God's call on your life? Describe for me a time you doubted you where the Lord desired for you to serve? How did you move past that time?
5. Describe for me a time when you really had to live by faith or step out in faith to do what God was asking you to do?

I know personally that I don't have enough spiritual conversations with people and I want that to change. It seems we talk about food, the weather, the kids, etc. but not much about God and growing. I know we are all busy, so how can do more of this?

This year in the blog, I am interviewing church planter's wives who have been where you have been and can hopefully shed some light/encouragement/perspective to you. I am really going to write more often (pinky promise!) and hopefully we can build a community of caring women who can ask honest questions and get real encouragement.

In the meantime, why not phone (or facebook or email or visit) a pastor's wife and ask her one or two of the questions listed above? It may start a friendship that will be just what you need to grow and change this year.

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