Friday, January 22, 2010

Powerful prayers

Do you find it as hard I as do to find the balance between supporting your adult children and letting them make their own choices? (Wouldn't it be great if we could continue making choices for them?)

My youngest son, Justin, gave me the book, The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children, by Stormie Omartian for Christmas. I have used her other books in my personal prayer time and found them to be very helpful. (She combines Bible verses into a prayer.) Stormie says that there is no such thing as perfect parents, but we can be powerful pray-ers when we combine praying and God's Word.

Here are some of the chapter headings---

Pray that your adult children will:
see God pour out His Spirit on them
develop a heart for God, His Word, and His ways
grow in wisdom, discernment, and revelation
understand God's purpose for their lives
have a sound mind and right attitude
maintain strong and fulfilling relationships
be protected and survive tough times

These (and more) are all things I want for my adult children! Knowing that God is far more capable of handling whatever comes their way and inviting Him to work in their lives helps me to stay sane. Praying these prayers gives me confidence and hope that God will do amazing things in my children's lives this year.

Richard and I with our four children- Nathan, Jared, Rachel, Justin

We added a new member to our family this past June, Rachel, Nathan's wife

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  1. I've read several of Omartian's books. I want to read this one too and incorporate it into my prayer life because I love praying for my adult children. I also love books that help me to pray because prayer is often hard work for me because I don't have the patience for it like I should. Stupid of me I know, but just a transparent admission.

    Praying for my wife and kids (and now my grandchildren) comes more naturally to me than praying for anything else but I would love to have some more biblical ideas. That's one of the reasons I like Omartian's books - she's always tied into Scripture.

    I miss my mom praying for me.

    Great of Justin to give this book to you! A little self-serving huh? Ha ha!